Is ME88 Safe In Malaysia

We have heard quite a bit about Me88 Casino lately. And this weekend, we decided it was finally time to check it out. Our mission was to find out what it offers. Is it safe to play at Me88 Malaysia? Is Me88 legit? How does the site work? What are its games and features?

Let’s put an end to our curiosity now!

Overview of BK8 Online Casino

If we were to make a list of the best gambling platforms in Bolehland, you can bet your chips that Me88 Malaysia would make the cut. Apparently, this Malaysia-based casino has been around since 2019 with local fans in droves.

There are quite a few factors that make this platform shine as one of the best Malaysian-owned websites, so let’s examine all of them in detail.

What is ME88?

Me88 Malaysia is an online casino that is about to turn 5 in several months. Its gaming collection is one of the most interesting ones we’ve ever come across, and the company is doing a great job marketing itself. Most Malaysian players know the platform because of its ongoing collaborations with famous names, mostly the country’s influencers and celebrities. They even went as far as partnering with the champion of the UFC, the one and only Conor McGregor, which has proven to be of great value to the brand.

Is ME88 Safe and Legit?

Is Me88 legit? – We get asked about this A LOT. Now let’s address this concern before we take a closer look at what Me88 has to offer.

It is safe to say that if you chose Me88 Malaysia, you (and our funds) are in good hands. And this is not an empty claim we’re making here. The reason we’re saying this, in fact, is because the platform is a legitimate business with license from prestigious gambling regulators such as Curacao. To be able to hold and keep such a license, for the record, the platform needs to undergo strict audits, which means Me88 Malaysia must ensure their products and services comply with certain standards at all times. Consequently, there is no place for unsafe gambling or rigged games here on this website.

What’s more, Me88 Malaysia, as modestly displayed at the bottom of its page, takes part in many certification programmes. The website acquires multiple certifications from verified private labs like BMM and iTech Labs, showing that it has been thoroughly tested before going live.

Now, we are well aware that if you are reading this part of the article, what you hope to see the most is some sort of guarantee that your money will be safe on this website. So, this must be a relief for you. Me88 Casino goes the extra mile to become one of the safest gambling sites in Malaysia with its payment methods. Its payment system has proven to be secure with the use of the most recent encryption technology. And on top of all that, the platform accepts bitcoin payments, which, due to their anonymity, are considered safer than other conventional payment methods.

Benefits to Play at ME88

Here are some perks of playing casino games at Me88 Malaysia.

Wide Variety of Casino Games

For us at least, Me88’s game selections are nothing but disappointing. The casino is equipped with a bunch of different games like slots, live casinos, sports, esports, and more. What really stands out is the impressive lineup of top-notch game providers they have.

Even though it is a relatively new brand, Me88 Malaysia has been able to team up with big players in the online casino world in Malaysia. Think of names like IM Esports, 918 Kiss, Asia Gaming, as well as (drum roll) Pragmatic Play.

Now, when it comes to esports betting, a lot of players prefer Me88 and the reason for that is simple – they offer better odds and a higher chance of winning compared to similar platforms.

User-Friendly Interface

With everything online revolving around user interfaces and user experiences these days, what most online casinos want is for their websites to be as intuitive and responsive as possible. Me88 Casino, too, strives to stand out in this area. Now, if you ask us, their efforts to design a user-friendly website deserve a lot of praise.

Although the platform is packed with content, its layout manages to keep everything clean and navigable. Users can easily find what they need in only a couple clicks, yet, at the same time, experience rich, interactive features of the website. Its vibrant elements serve as an excellent way of bringing life to the website without distracting users from the main features. Aside from that, as a bonus, the site’s all-black background, which we personally love for its battery-saving capabilities, happens to be good for the eyes of users and visitors too.

Easy Sign-up Process

Among the things we’ve learned about Me88 Casino, rather unintentionally, is that the platform is all about making things as comfy as possible for players. Signing up for a new account is an effortless process, taking no more than 5 minutes, as long as you have got a valid ID. All the way through, creating and setting up an account at Me88 Malaysia is hassle-free, safe, and most of all, smooth.

Safe and Secure

We guess this section does not need much explanation as we’ve already pointed out earlier the reasons why Me88 Malaysia is perceived as a safe website. 

What we need to add here is that, before signing up, we had a chance to browse through the website’s information center. We found that the website makes a point of highlighting how secure and transparent it is.

Their software products and transaction systems, in particular, have been designed with an eye toward privacy and a certain level of safety in mind. They even have a dedicated page for responsible gambling, indicating that the company cares deeply about its customers and not just profits.

Efficient Payment Methods

Me88 Malaysia is offering a generous 100% Welcome Bonus for everyone who has just decided to become a member. But before you rush to get one, this bonus isn’t for cashing out, but it acts as a way for us to get our hands dirty testing and trying out all the games they proudly present. 

What we can cash out, in fact, are the winnings that come afterwards. If we win at Me88, we get the payout instantly. Me88 Malaysia cleverly employs a system that handles deposits and withdrawals really well, making transactions smooth for every user. On top of that, there are different payment options that are fast and secure. No waiting around – everything gets done in just 15 minutes. Plus, their online payment system is extremely simple, thanks to trusted companies like Eeziepay and Help2pay.


Me88 Casino leaves no one behind, even smartphone users. Using the Me88 app on your mobile is simple and easy. Grabbing the Me88 app is a total piece of cake. If you are interested, you can get yourself this awesome Me88 app whether you are an Android user or an iOS lover.


Me88 Casino is a great platform with the most intuitive design in Malaysia. The company has so much potential to grow for a larger customer base in Asia. However, in all fairness, there are some aspects of the site, which we believe the casino is currently working on, that could use some improvement. 

The good news here is that we have already figured out the answer to the question ‘Is Me88 legit?’. Our conclusion is that, Me88 Malaysia deserves to be checked out as a trusted and safe gambling site. If you are free now, it wouldn’t hurt to browse the site and see what else it has to offer.

So quickly sign up for an account on MB8Play casino to start playing your favourite ME88 games now!

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